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Monday, 7 May 2012

Dancing With The Stars Albania 3: Bujar Kapexhiu eliminohet!

Dancing, eliminohet Bujar Kapexhiu

Qendrimi ne gare i Ornela Bregut u perkthye me largimin e Bujar Kapexhiut nga puntata e te enjtes mbrema ne Dancing with the Stars Albania 3. Dy personazhet VIP, u renditen si me pak te votuarit nga shuma e pikeve te jurise e publikut, duke u perballur keshtu ne sfiden Dance Off, koke me koke me gjinine e kuik stepit, per tu vleresuar me pas me verdiktin final nga juria. Por, ky largim i aktorit te njohur ishte krejt i vecante nga heret e tjera, pasi Kapexhiu me humor i zbuloi anetarit te jurise Alfred Kacinari, se shume shpejt ne nje tjeter kompeticion do te jete ai qe do te gjykoje kompozitorin. Bashke me disiplinen kuik step yjet e teatrit te vallezimit, produksion i Tring Dixhital e Vizion Plus, performuan mbremjen e te enjtes edhe ne chachacha apo jive, duke sjelle si gjithmone nje imazh krejt ndryshe nga ai me te cilin i njohim dhe emocione mes batutave te jurise dhe vleresimit me pike.

Si pjese e surpriza te cdo puntate ne Dancing with the Stars Albania, ajo e nje nate me pare solli notat sensuale te burleskut amerikan. Kater prej yjeve femra bashke me balerinen profesioniste Isida, performuan si kurre me pare me levizje joshese. Surprizes iu bashkengjiten e meshkujt VIP te Dancing 3, te cilet kush seriozisht e kush me humor sollen nje striptiz krejt te vecante. /vizion plus/


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[[ translation by google:
Dancing, eliminated Bujar Kapexhiu

Standing in the Ornela Coast race was translated by the removal of Bujar Kapexhiu by puntatat of Thursday night at Dancing with the Stars Albania 3. Two characters VIP was ranked as the least amount of points voting by the jury of the public, so the challenge facing the Dance Off, head to head with the gender of stepit Kuik, to be evaluated after the final verdict from the jury. However, his departure was known actor quite separate from other times, as revealed Kapexhiu humorous Alfred Kacinari juror, that soon in another competition will be that he will judge the composer. Along with the stars step Kuik discipline of dance theater, production of the Vision Plus Digital Tring, performed Thursday evening we chachacha or Jive, as always bringing a completely different image of him with whom we know and excitement among the mot jury and scoring. As part of any puntatat surprises in Dancing with the Stars Albania, her first night brought a sensual notes of American burleskut. Four female co-stars with professional balerinën Isida, performed like never before with seductive moves. The men were attached surprise VIP Dancing 3, who who who seriously brought a humorous strip all special. vision / plus / ]]

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