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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Modelja shqiptare Vildane Zeneli, i futet muzikes...

photo by jesse deyoung
Vildane Zeneli nuk eshte me nje emer i ri ne boten e modes ne Amerike e Shqiperi, por pasi ka reklamuar kufjet e nje muzikanti (Dr.Dre),ka pire birre me nje muzikant ( ne reklamen e Bud Light me Avicii) ka realizuar video muzikore ( "All Tied Up" me Robin Thicke, "Next" me Flori Mumajesi,"Pass At Me" me Timbaland dhe Pitbull ) modelja ka vendosur qe dhe ajo vete ti futet rruges se muzikes e te behet kengetare.

Momentalisht ne studio duke regjistruar albumin e saj te pare, Vildane duket se eshte mese e kenaqur me karrieren e premton se ky album do te jete fantastik... /albaniac/

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[[ translation by google:
Vildana Zeneli is not a new name in the fashion world in the U.S. and Albania, but advertised as a musician headset (Dr.Dre), have drank beer with a musician (in advertising for Bud Light with Avicii) has video music ("All Tiede Up" with Robin Thicke, "Next" with gold Mumajesi "Pass At Me" with Timbaland and Pitbull) model and it has decided to put him in the road that made ​​music singer.

Currently in the studio recording her first album, Vildana seems is more than satisfied with the careers of promising that this album would be fantastic ... / Albaniac / ]]

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