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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Luran Ahmeti, ne serialin turk "Sulejmani i Madherishem"...

Luran Ahmeti ne episodet e reja te “Shekullit madheshtor”

Aktori shqiptar nga Maqedonia, Luran Ahmeti, ka filluar xhirimet ne serialin “Muhtesem Yuzyil” (“Shekulli madheshtor”), i cili aktualisht transmetohet ne rreth 50 shtete dhe ka mbi 200 milione shikues.

Nga produksioni akoma nuk zbulojne detaje rreth skenarit ne vazhdim, por per karakterin qe do te luaje aktori shqiptar thone se behet fjale per nje nga pashallaret qe futet ne oborrin e Sulejmanit te madherishem, e qe shume shpejte shpallet vezir dhe qe do te kete ndikim te vecante ne zhvillimin e metutjeshem te ngjarjeve ne pallat.

Luran Ahmeti eshte aktori i vetem shqiptar qe angazhohet ne nje serial te ketij niveli. Alsat-M njofton se ftesa i eshte bere pas roleve te shumta qe ai realizoi me sukses ne serialet turke, si “Elveda Rumeli”, “Vera e fundit ne Ballkan” etj., pastaj filmave “Ballkankan” (Bal can can), “Hajde bre”, “Vendimi” (The Judgment), si dhe se fundmi ne filmin hollivudian “Taken 2”.

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[[ translation by google:
Luran Ahmeti in new episodes of "magnificient century"

Macedonian Albanian actor, Luran Ahmeti, has started filming the series "muhteşem Yuzyil" ("superb century"), which is currently broadcast in over 50 countries and has over 200 million viewers.

From production still does not reveal details about the following scenario, but that character will play Albanian actor say that it is one of the Pashas who enters the court of Suleiman the magnificent, very quickly declared vizier and that will have impact particular the further development of events in the palace.

Luran Ahmeti Albanian is the only actor who is involved in a serial of this level. Alsat-M reports that the invitation was made after numerous roles he succeeded in Turkish serials like "Elveda Rumeli", "Last Summer in the Balkans", etc.., Then films "Ballkankan" (Bal Can Can) "Come bre "," decision "(The Judgment), and recently in the Hollywood movie" Taken 2. " ]]

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